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RepairTRAX is an online repair shop software application / POS app for any type of repair shop that creates work orders, repair tickets, or service tickets. This repair shop software solution will handle any type of repair ticket, plus track all your parts & labor, while at the same time, provide excellent customer service via our automatic messaging system that optionally sends messages from any repair shop work order LIVE, directly to the customer via email and/or text, without any extra workload on your techs!

Some of the Features of Our Repair Shop Software Include:

RepairTRAX Repair Shop Software
  • POS / Credit Card Processing
  • Online Repair Shop Software
  • Creates Repair Tickets, Tracks Repairs
  • TXT/Email Progress to Customers
  • Tracks Customer Communications
  • Full Data Export Support
  • Provides Custom HTML Printouts & Labels
  • Manages Customers
  • Manages Technicians
  • Runs Your Repair Business Better
  • Accessable From Anywhere
  • Saves You Money
  • Inexpensive Yet Powerful
  • Works With Quickbooks (optional)

RepairTRAX Repair Shop Software is Always Improving!

There Have Been Hundreds of Free Enhancements.
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  • NEW - Automatic Emails & TXT via SMTP2GO [06-20-23]
    RepairTRAX has upgraded it's automated messaging sysem to use SMTP2GO. This upgrade is speedy fast - enjoy!
  • NEW - Post Any Issues [01-28-23]
    If you notice any functional differences with the new server please send us an email.
    Four CPUs, 32GB Memory - Fast as lightning - ENJOY!
  • UPDATED - Ticket Export to CSV [11-04-22]
    A "Ticket Notes" section was added to the CSV and will be non-blank if ticket notes exist.
  • NEW - Host Server Timeout Resolved [10-14-22]
    We got too big for our britches and had to double the memory on the server. You should not see any more "Host Timeout Errors" - but if you do - please send us an email.
  • UPDATED - Ticket Search with CSV Output [09-25-22]
    Two new columns have been added to the Ticket Search with CSV output option: Pre Tax Total, Tax Total, Last Deposit Date, Last Deposit Amount as separate columns.
  • UPDATED - Parts Sold Report [08-13-22]
    The Parts Sold report now groups by the Unique Part ID and not the Description.

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RepairTRAX Customers Speak Out

  • Your product has saved us a metric ton of time Dave, Computer Dave PC Repair

  • As always, let me start by saying how much we LOVE your program! It has made a huge positive difference in how we do business. BNC Education

  • Once again, we love the software... we have tried many others and none compare to the ease of use of RepairTRAX. Brandon, Computer Karma

  • Screen Geeks could not exist without RepairTrax software. Screen Geeks

  • Thanks for everything and we love your product! Abby, Computer Karma

  • Repairtrax is awesome, we could't run our shops without it. Sean Patrick, Boulder Mac Repair

  • This program pays for itself every single day! Bill, J&B Electronics

  • Since we started using the program, it has been a huge time saver Allendale True Value Hardware

  • We REALLY appreciate the responsiveness that you have shown Peggy Wiley, US EZTech

  • RepairTRAX is a must for ANY repair shop! NerdLink / PC Nerds

  • We love it and simply don't know how we lived without it. Bryan Jackson /

  • I was able to teach my team in a few hours Miguel Jarquin, 1RepairCenter

RepairTRAX is an easy-to-use repair shop software program for any type of repair store or repair shop such as a Computer Repair Shop, TV Repair Shop, Bike Shop, Camera Repair Shop, Auto Repair Shop, Shoe Repair Shop, Sew / Vac Repair Shop, Jewelry Repair Shop, or any Repair Shop that wants to track parts & labor while improving customer service through advance real-time customer notification technology.

The RepairTRAX slick work-log and ticketing system practically walks your technicans right through the repair process, from the initial ticket creation, to the step-by-step work log actions performed on the repair item, to the final completion of the repair.
Cell Phone Repair Software
Sample Ticket

Very Affordable         No Software to Install         100% Web Based         Instant Updates

RepairTRAX repair shop software allows your Repair Center to provide better customer service and communications by sending automatic TXT and/or Email updates - in real-time - and on your terms. It also allows your customers to optionally view their Repair Ticket on your web site - further enhancing your reputation as a state-of-the-art repair shop. And finally, RepairTRAX Repair Center software tracks your parts, labor, and Techs via a very simple, easy-to-use interface.

Cell Phone Repair Shop Software
  • Cell Phone Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can support your cell phone repair shop with ease. The only problem is... you won't be able to use the handy TXT feature of RepairTRAX because you will have their cell phone! But otherwise you are good to go!

Computer Repair Shop Software
  • Computer Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can support any type of computer repair shop, including storefront, mobile, or both. It can be used for any computer type of repair shop as well, including Mac and/or PC and/or Xbox!

Jewelry Repair Shop Software
  • Jewelry Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can support any type of jewelry repair shop, and is a great way to improve customer service - and also show your customers you are state-of-the-art. Best part is - they won't even know you are using RepairTRAX!

Audio Visual Repair Shop Software
  • Audio Visual Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can support any type of audio visual repair shop that fixes guitars, amplifiers, microphones, and any other type of A/V gear. It will assist you with excellent customer relations, and provide the best service possible to your clients!

Shoe Repair Shop Software
  • Shoe Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can easily support your shoe repair shop. It's a perfect fit (no pun intended). Manage customers, repairs, and your shoe repair shop with the easiest software on the planet!

TV Repair Shop Software
  • TV Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can support any type of TV repair shop, including storefront, mobile, or both. RepairTRAX is a great way to get on top of your repair paperwork - and start focusing on repairs!

Camera Repair Shop Software
  • Camera Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can support any type of Camera repair shop and/or service center. RepairTRAX makes it easy to track your progress, manage your customers, and provide great service. It is a great way to get on top of your repair paperwork - and start focusing on repairs!

Bike Repair Shop Software
  • Bike Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can support any type of bicycle repair shop, and is a great way to improve customer service through technology! Easily track the progress of your repair Technicians, and manage your inventory in real-time while "wow-ing" your customers at the same time.

Auto / Motorcycle Repair Shop Software
  • Auto / Tire Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can support any type of automotive / motorcycle / tire repair shop. Reduce the time you spend on the phone with customers wanting to know if their vehicle is done. Let RepairTRAX notify them for you - automatically!

Sew / Vac Repair Shop Software
  • Sew / Vac Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX can support a Sewing Repair Shop / Vacumn Repair Shop as well. Improve customer service while making an impression at the same time. With RepairTRAX, you instantly become state-of-the-art. And it's so easy to use!

Tool Repair Shop Software
  • Tool Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX will help you manage your customers and repair tickets for your tool repair shop. If you can fix it, you can enter it into the RepairTRAX repair ticket management software, and keep fingertip control of your repairs, starting today!

Gun Repair Shop Software/ GunSmith Software
  • Gunsmith Repair Software Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    Restore accountability and increase productivity via this slick work order software that manages your repair tickets, technicians, inventory - the works. It is a great software for gun repair shops and gunsmiths!

Small Engine Repair Shop Software
  • Small Engine Repair Shop Software    [ Free Trial ]    [ Purchase ]
    RepairTRAX will help you manage your customers and repair tickets for your small engine repair shop. Use the easy-to-use repair ticketing software to keep track of your customes, and have fingertip control of your repairs & service items today!

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RepairTRAX Software for Computer Repair Shop
How RepairTRAX Helps Run Your Business and Improve Customer Service:

  • Technicians log into the RepairTRAX online software system each day they work.
  • As repairs come in, a New Ticket Wizard generates a new Repair Ticket.
  • This Repair Ticket can then be assigned to any Tech at any time by the Tech, or by the Manager / Owner.
  • Once assigned, the Tech enters progress into the RepairTRAX system in real-time.
  • As work is being done, customers may auto-receive a TXT and/or Email update in real-time.
    For example, "Parts on Order", "Pending Approval", or "Ready for Pickup".
    You have complete control over the frequency and content of the update messages.
  • Customers may also view their Repair Ticket and progress on your Web Site.
    This feature is optional - it's all up to you and the nature of your business.
  • When work is complete - another auto TXT / Email is sent automatically.
    Again, this feature is optional - and it's all up to you.
  • Customers pick up repairs - but now with less phone interruption for your store!
    The Techs or the Store Manager can print the ticket, collect the money, and move on!
  • The Store Manager has a real-time view of all store{s} activities, tickets, and repairs.
  • The Store Manager can download - at any time - all their ticket and customer data.
  • Finally, optionally import all activity into Quickbooks with just a few clicks! WOW!!!