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RepairTRAX and QuickBooks - The Ultimate Combination

Here is how it works:

  1. You select the "Integrate with QuickBooks" option within the "Store Settings" of RepairTRAX. This setting provides you with additional fields and buttons that integrate with the QuickBooks product.

  2. You then fill in these QuickBook specific fields... For example, RepairTRAX needs to know certain QuickBooks settings such as your Sales Tax Agency, Sales Tax Name etc. There are not too many fields that you have to fill out, and it is very obvious once you choose to "Integrate".
  3. Next, you can either enter in all your QuickBooks data by hand - or alternatively, have the RepairTRAX team import the following QuickBooks data into the RepairTRAX system. There is a $99 processing fee for the import, but it is well worth it (especially for you larger shops).
    • Customers
    • Sales Reps
    • Parts
  4. Now you let your repair technicians do their work - using RepairTRAX - seamlessly. Your staff uses RepairTRAX to add new customers (and optionally parts if you so chose), and they perform "business as usual" - but better, faster, and more efficient!
  5. At any time you like, you can export all the information - and import it into QuickBooks. All the new customers, tickets (invoices) and optionally added new part data is transferred into your QuickBooks application. You don't skip a beat - and neither do your technicians.

  6. Then experience the true power of RepairTRAX - know who is doing what, and finally get rid of all that extra bogus paperwork!!!

    What are you waiting for???