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We Never Stop Improving Our Repair Shop Software

Our repair shop software as been growing and improving since 2009 - and we never stop adding new features. In fact, every time you hit the "main menu" page of our repair shop software, you see a "What's New" listing, which describes newly added features of the software. You will be amazed at the number of improvements! And the best part? These improvements come from our customers, who never stop thinking on how to improve RepairTRAX. Everybody wins !

RepairTRAX Repair Shop Software is Always Improving!

There Have Been Hundreds of Free Enhancements.
Below Are the Latest... Sign Up to See Them All !

  • NEW - Automatic Emails & TXT via SMTP2GO [06-20-23]
    RepairTRAX has upgraded it's automated messaging sysem to use SMTP2GO. This upgrade is speedy fast - enjoy!
  • NEW - Post Any Issues [01-28-23]
    If you notice any functional differences with the new server please send us an email.
    Four CPUs, 32GB Memory - Fast as lightning - ENJOY!
  • UPDATED - Ticket Export to CSV [11-04-22]
    A "Ticket Notes" section was added to the CSV and will be non-blank if ticket notes exist.
  • NEW - Host Server Timeout Resolved [10-14-22]
    We got too big for our britches and had to double the memory on the server. You should not see any more "Host Timeout Errors" - but if you do - please send us an email.
  • UPDATED - Ticket Search with CSV Output [09-25-22]
    Two new columns have been added to the Ticket Search with CSV output option: Pre Tax Total, Tax Total, Last Deposit Date, Last Deposit Amount as separate columns.
  • UPDATED - Parts Sold Report [08-13-22]
    The Parts Sold report now groups by the Unique Part ID and not the Description.

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Feature List of Our Service Ticket Software & Service Ticketing Software

Features and Services for The Store Manager / Owner

KEY FEATURE - Process Credit and Debit Cards via the RepairTRAX POS

When it comes time for your customer to pick up their equipment & pay, you can now processes their credit or debit card within the RepairTRAX software. Nice !

KEY FEATURE - Customize RepairTRAX to Make It Look Like YOUR Custom Application

RepairTRAX repair shop software has a variety of "themes" - and with just one click of a button - the entire application changes to a new color scheme. In addition, you are allowed to upload your own custom graphic - and instantly RepairTRAX turns into "Your Custom Application", with your own look and feel - the ultimate in professionalism!

     Turn RepairTRAX into "Your Custom Application"...

KEY FEATURE - Customers Can View THEIR Repair Ticket / Service Ticket ON YOUR SITE

RepairTRAX repair shop software allows you to use YOUR web site as a "customer portal", allowing your customers to view their repair ticket / service ticket ON YOUR SITE, providing your shop with that state-of-the-art look and feel! When the ticket is presented, there is on reference to RepairTRAX whatsoever. It's like your own custom app on YOUR web site!

Click Here to see an Example...
Instructions and a code download are included with the above example.

KEY FEATURE - Custom Service Tags, Release Forms, ANY FORM with Full Database Integration

RepairTRAX repair shop software lets you upload an unlimited number of custom forms that you design. Each form can contain keywords like [FIRST], [LAST], [SERVICE_ITEM] etc. that are automatically replaced with the values within the database, such as the customers first & last name, and the service item you are working on. Cool !

KEY FEATURE - Custom Work Log / Work Flow Entries on Your Service Tickets

RepairTRAX repair shop software allows the store owner / manager to define a 100% completely flexible work flow. YOU get to decide which "Work Log Entries" (Like 'Reason for Service", 'Work In Progress', 'Parts Need Ordering'...) show up on your service tickets, AND you even get to define the order of appearance in the selection drop-downs. Run your repair business the way you are used to with the ultimate in flexibility - RepairTRAX!

     Flexible Work Flow / Work Log Entries Video Tutorial...

KEY FEATURE - Bar Code Support for Parts, Tickets, and Service Items

RepairTRAX can generate a variety of bar codes that you can use to encode Ticket Numbers, Service Items, and/or your Parts ! Super fast and super easy!

     Create, Print, and Implement Bar Codes for Tickets, Service Items & Parts...

KEY FEATURE - Live Repair Item Image Capture via Web Cam / Camera

RepairTRAX allows you to attach images to your repair ticket / service ticket. But the cool thing about RepairTRAX, is that we give you the optin to use a LIVE WEB CAM to expedite the process, thus eliminating having to take a digital photo and then browse to the JPG file. This saves you time and money - you want that right?

KEY FEATURE - Automatic Customer Notification via TXT and/or Email

One of our key features is our automatic TXT and/or Email notification system, that automatically updates your customers of the progress being made within your repair shop as your technicians perform work. It all happens seamlessly with no additional effort on your staff. YOU get to pick WHICH service / repair Work Flow steps actually trigger a message.

You May Also Define In-Store Messages For Any or All Work Flow / Work Log Steps

See How US EZ Tech Touts Our Automactic Customer Notification
Service to Their Customers!

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  • Customize RepairTRAX To The Way YOU Do Business
    With the RepairTRAX repair shop software, you can set up your store to operate and perform the way YOU do business! You are able to define what you do, how you do it, and even what type{s} of data collection you would like to perform. You are allowed to customize your service items and how they are entered - and a whole lot more. RepairTRAX rocks!

         Basic Store Setup...             Advanced Store Setup...

  • Define How Parts and Labor are Managed
    RepairTRAX has a very easy-to-use Parts & Labor interface. You basically define "high level" parts (like a 'Laptop'), and then (optionally) further define the the service item via CUSTOM labels such as 'Manufacturer' and 'Model Number'. The cool part is: you get to define your own optional labels - and whether or not these additionals options are Required or not! RepairTRAX lets YOU define how YOU do business - which is what great software is all about!

         The Flexible Parts & Labor Interface...

    RepairTRAX Customers Speak Out

    • Once again, we love the software... we have tried many others and none compare to the ease of use of RepairTRAX. Brandon, Computer Karma

    • Screen Geeks could not exist without RepairTrax software. Screen Geeks

    • We REALLY appreciate the responsiveness that you have shown Peggy Wiley, US EZTech

    • RepairTRAX is a must for ANY repair shop! NerdLink / PC Nerds

    • Thanks for everything and we love your product! Abby, Computer Karma

    • Repairtrax is awesome, we could't run our shops without it. Sean Patrick, Boulder Mac Repair

    • This program pays for itself every single day! Bill, J&B Electronics

    • Since we started using the program, it has been a huge time saver Allendale True Value Hardware

    • I was able to teach my team in a few hours Miguel Jarquin, 1RepairCenter

    • As always, let me start by saying how much we LOVE your program! It has made a huge positive difference in how we do business. BNC Education

    • We love it and simply don't know how we lived without it. Bryan Jackson /

  • Create an Unlimited Number of Repair Tickets
    There is no limit to the number of Repair Tickets you can create. Each ticket also shows prior work history not only to your Techs, but also to you and the customer as well.

         Overview of the RepairTRAX Ticket...

  • Automatic Communication With Customers and/or In-Store Staff
    RepairTRAX has the option to automatically notify each customer about thier repair progress via TXT and/or Email. The slick part is, these communications are sent automatically as the Tech works on the repair. You can alternatively pick and choose which events will trigger an automatic customer notification. This saves time - and money!

         The RepairTRAX Automated Messaging System...

  • Full Data Export Support
    RepairTRAX repair shop software is backed up daily. However, a lot of customers want the security of knowing that they can download and archive their data at any time, day or night. RepairTRAX supports full data export of your tickets and customers - and all with just a few clicks. So no worries... it's your data, and it's available 24 / 7 for export.

         Data Export Tutorial...

  • Integrate With QuickBooks
    If you use QuickBooks - you already know that although QuickBooks is great for some things... it is lacking in other things. Especially when it comes to managing your repairs, your technicians, and your repair business. Well look no further - now you can have your cake and eat it too. Let RepairTRAX manage your repairs... and let QuickBooks manage your business... and get more done faster!!

  • Create Unlimited Employee / Tech Log-Ins
    Each employee has their own login and password. There is no limit to the number of Tech Log-Ins you can create. Each tech then uses the system to work on service repairs. While they work, they dynamically create the Repair Ticket details, plus automatically register what they are doing in real-time.

  • Create an Unlimited Number of Customers
    There is no limit to the number of customers you can track with RepairTRAX repair shop software. You are provided with a Customer Directory, and also a Customer Search feature that allows you to quckly locate an existing customer.

         Managing Your RepairTRAX Customers...

  • View Customer History
    Easily review any customer record to see past Repair Tickets and/or verify whether any warranties are valid.

  • Track In-Store Repair Progress in Real-Time
    As your Techs move through the repairs for the day, you can easily look at the state of each ticket, which tickets have been sent to Customer Pickup, which tickets are running late, which tickets are Rush jobs, and also, which Tech is working on what project at any time.

         Overview of the RepairTRAX Ticket...

  • Generate Reports for All Techs, or an Individual Tech
    The RepairTRAX reporting system allows you to quickly break down tickets by parts & labor. It also allows you to view the time spent on tickets, and by which Technicians. Results are displayed in data format, and also in 3-D Flash pie-charts! And if your store pays Technicians by the ticket's parts & labor volume, then this software us a must.

Features and Services for Your Technicians

  • Create Repair Tickets Easily with the New Repair Ticket Wizard
    RepairTRAX uses an intuitive "Wizard" to create Repair Tickets quickly and easily. The software walks the Technician though the process step-by-step, insuring that there are no duplicate tickets, and that the required information for successful repair is gathered quickly and accurately.

         Introducing the New Ticket Wizard...

  • Simplified Parts and Labor
    With the RepairTRAX system, every time a Tech needs to add parts & labor to a Repair Ticket, the software only lists the parts and/or labor options that are available to that particular model. In addition, they have the option of picking a New or Used part. Super simple... super fast!

         The Flexible Parts & Labor Interface...

  • Automatic Communication With Customers and/or In-Store Staff
    RepairTRAX has the option to automatically notify each customer about thier repair progress via TXT and/or Email. The slick part is, these communications are sent automatically as the Tech works on the repair. You can alternatively pick and choose which events will trigger an automatic customer notification. This saves time - and money!

         The RepairTRAX Automated Messaging System...

    Each time the Tech enters progress into the RepairTRAX system, your store has the option to automtically send the progress to the customer via TXT and/or Email
    OR send an internal in-store email to one or more staff members !

  • Enhanced Focus on the Job At Hand
    By eliminating a lot of the customer communication responsibilities frees up your Techs to focus on the repair job at hand, thus becoming more proficient. They earn more money - and you increase your bottom line.

  • Preview Expected Paycheck Amount
    If your store pays by the ticket's parts and labor amount, your Technician can now see their expected pay. In addition, by allowing your Techs to preview their status acts as an invisible motivator - pushing them to do more, faster. Everybody wins!

Features and Services for Your Customers

  • Customers Automaticall Recieve TXT and/or Email Updates
    You will look like a state-of-the-art repair shop when your customers automatically receive customized TXT and/or Email messages during the real-time progress of their repair! You decide which message{s} you wish to send, and each message can be fully customized by you. The customer also has the freedom to accept or decline this service during the drop-off process.

         The RepairTRAX Automated Messaging System...

  • Customers can View Their Repair Ticket on Your Web Site
    You can optionally set up RepairTRAX to display their Repair Ticket on your site - further enhancing your image as a state-of-the-art repair shop. The ticket looks like it belongs on your web site, and the customer will not know it is RepairTRAX. All the customer needs to know is your web site address, and their phone number - it's that easy!

  • Repeat Customers See Prior Repairs
    If your customer is a repeat customer - for the same repair item - their Repair Ticket will show all prior work done. This helps with warranty determination, plus it also allows the Tech to review past issues.

         Overview of the RepairTRAX Ticket...

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