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Demos for RepairTRAX Repair Shop Software

  Overview of the RepairTRAX Ticket
Watch how a technician addresses a repair and interfaces with the RepairTRAX system.

  Duplicate a Ticket for Multiple Items
See how to handle multiple incoming Service Items fast via Ticket Duplication.

  Automatic Customer Emails and/or TXTs
Learn how to set up automatic messages that are sent to your customer based on Work Log entries you wish to use to trigger a message.

  Mastering Customer Communications
Learn how to view, manage, and search customer communications.

  Displaying Tickets on YOUR Web Site
Learn how to display a RepairTRAX ticket on YOUR site, making it look like YOUR software!

Show RepairTRAX Tickets on Your Site (Example Plus ZIP Download)

  Store Setup Part I - The Basics
Learn how to set up your store after you sign up for your
15 Day Free Trial.

  Store Setup Part II - Advance Settings
Learn how to fine tune your store settings to best suit the way YOU do business.

  Store Setup Part III - Service Items
Learn how to develop and managing your list of "Service Items" (or the types of items you repair) - and also learn how you may customize the data entry of these items to best suit your way of business.

  Service Item Descriptors in Drop-Downs
Have "Color" or "Model" (etc) in Drop-Downs for Faster Ticket Creation.

  Setting Up Your Parts & Labor
See how easy it is to set up your parts & labor so you are ready to work with RepairTRAX within minutes!

  Transfer Parts from Store to Store
See how to transfer parts from Store A to Store B and track the transfer.

  Setting Your Theme (Color Scheme)
Learn how to pick a theme and customize RepairTRAX to make it look like YOUR custom software application!

  Defining Your Work Flow / Work Log
RepairTRAX let's you define your work flow / work log steps with 100% freedom !

  Automatic TXT and EMAIL Messages
See how RepairTRAX can auto-notify your customers regarding their repair status.

  Managing Your RepairTRAX Customers
See how manage, view, and maintain your RepairTRAX repair customers.

  Tickets in Pick-Up & Money Owed
See how to operate "Tickets in Pick-Up" and Your Money.

  Creating Statements for your Customers
See how to create statements and apply payments en-mass to customer tickets.

  Tickets w/ Estimated & Pick-Up Dates
See how set due dates & pick-up times for your tickets.

  Service Items (Customer Interface)
See how manage, view, and maintain your customer's Service Items & Optionally Schedule Service using the Customer interface.

  Service Items (Ticket Interface)
See how manage, view, and maintain your customer's Service Items & Optionally Schedule Service using the Ticket interface.

  Merge Customers and/or Service Items
Clean up duplicate customers and/or duplicate Service Items quickly and easily.

  Creating a New Ticket from Scratch
Get introduced to the RepairTRAX New Ticket Wizard.

  Tracking Hours Worked
See how to track how long your techs work on any given ticket.

  Applying Payments to Multiple Tickets
See how to set a multitude of tickets as "paid" with just a few clicks.

  How To Use Bar Codes
Bar Code Ticket Numbers, Serial Numbers, and/or Parts.

  Multi-Store "Logistics" Operations
Learn how to manage logistics, transferring a ticket from STORE A to STORE B for repairs, then returning the ticket back to STORE A.

  Performing a "Quick Sale"
Sell "just the parts" to a new or exising customer via a "Quick Sale".

  Managing Deliveries or Shipments
See how RepairTRAX can track shipments and/or deliveries to your customers.

  Job Types and Warranties
Learn how to set a Job Type and handle Warranties.

  Integrating with Quickbooks
Learn how to set up RepairTRAX so you can export data... then import into Quickbooks.

  Shipment w/ Packing Lists
Ship multiple Service Items to a customer in one box w/ a tracking Number.

  Incoming Shipment Management
Create a ticket & manage the incoming shipment.

  How to Export Your Data
This demo shows you how easy it is to export your data via EXCEL for personal backup & security!

RepairTRAX Customers Speak Out

  • As always, let me start by saying how much we LOVE your program! It has made a huge positive difference in how we do business. BNC Education

  • Once again, we love the software... we have tried many others and none compare to the ease of use of RepairTRAX. Brandon, Computer Karma

  • Screen Geeks could not exist without RepairTrax software. Screen Geeks

  • We REALLY appreciate the responsiveness that you have shown Peggy Wiley, US EZTech

  • RepairTRAX is a must for ANY repair shop! NerdLink / PC Nerds

  • We love it and simply don't know how we lived without it. Bryan Jackson /

  • Thanks for everything and we love your product! Abby, Computer Karma

  • Repairtrax is awesome, we could't run our shops without it. Sean Patrick, Boulder Mac Repair

  • This program pays for itself every single day! Bill, J&B Electronics

  • Since we started using the program, it has been a huge time saver Allendale True Value Hardware

  • I was able to teach my team in a few hours Miguel Jarquin, 1RepairCenter

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