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What Our Users Are Saying About RepairTRAX...

Awesome Product! Awesome Service!

AWESOME PRODUCT; AWESOME SERVICE!!! Repairtrax allows our business at remain at the cutting edge of our industry, by enabling a modernized management system that allows us to WOW our customers! Definitely a must have for any repair shop! The customer service is amazing...almost feels like the developer is a part of our internal team!

Mandisa Morrison - Managing Director, Shoe Rehab
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RepairTrax is Awesome!

RepairTrax is awesome! Super easy software that has amazing features that I haven't seen anywhere else. I have worked for companies that have spent thousands of dollars on monthly subscription style systems and they don't do half of what this software does. This has allowed us to streamline our operation keeping our technicians working non stop. It communicates everything to our customers in real time so they know the status of their equipment right away. The technical support has been the best part. Anytime I have had a question or concern I have had immediate responses and live step by step instructions that have helped us solve our lack of knowledge quickly. Our only problem is that it has made us so efficient we need more customers to help us keep busy? Thank you RepairTrax.

Dave Laird - Manager, Wright Armory

Work is being completed at a faster pace than ever!

We searched for quite a while in order to find a tracking program that had the functionality that we desired for our gunsmithing services. Repair TRAX IS IT!. We have better accountability than ever before on processes and assignments, and work is being completed at a faster pace than ever. This program keeps everyone in the shop on track, and accountable to the customer. We have the software linked to our website, and customers can log on any time to check the status of their repair. This is simply the best organization/time management repair software available. Don’t know how we ever functioned efficiently without it!

Johnathan Ritter - Gun Envy Manufacturing LLC

Great work on the continuing enhancements...

Great work on the continuing enhancements, it always amazes me how frequently you implement these. You are like Microsoft with updates... but in a good way. Keep up the great work, we love the product. Please feel free to refer any academic institutions my way if they are looking at your system.

Mark J. Puig - IT - Networking Specialist Instructor

RepairTRAX has saved us a metric ton of time.

By the way, your product has saved us a metric ton of time. What I am so impressed with is your continuous updating and improvement of the product. There's been “many” times that we have collectively thought of an improvement and then a few days later it shows up, as if you know what we are thinking.

Dave Fogle - Computer Dave PC Repair

We Always Recommend RepairTRAX...

RepairTRAX has made running our cell phone repair business so much easier. We are able to have our customers electronically sign our service agreement when they come in the shop on an iPad and the system stores it in the cloud should we need it. The system is also great for helping us track repeat or returning customers and what work we have done. We always recommend RepairTRAX to any shop that ask. If you want a system that is maintained and updated often and can track customers, work, and inventory, then RepairTRAX is for you.

Chris Adams - Buckeye Cell

We LOVE Your Program!

As always, let me start by saying how much we LOVE your program! It has made a huge positive difference in how we do business.

Kriston Feldpausch - BNC Education

RepairTRAX Simply Rocks ! !

Having been in the TV Repair Business for over 20 years it was time for us to update our service software. I was a little hesitant at first but let me tell you that RepairTRAX simply rocks! I can honestly say that this program pays for itself every single day just in the "automated customer text messaging" feature alone. Less time on the phone is more money in your pocket! Easy to use and totally customizable for your own shop needs. In my opinion, this product cannot be beat anywhere on the planet. Thanks for designing an incredible program. I always look forward to the new features!

Bill H - Owner, J&B Electronics

We Love It and Simply Don't Know How We Lived Without It !

The RepairTrax program allows us to get the most out of our work day. We love it and simply don't know how we lived without it. An ever changing repair industry requires an ever changing software solution and RepairTrax supplies us with that with constant updates, changes and additions. Being that it's an "In the Cloud" product, these built in incentives take place without us ever having down time, install time, and the other hassles with in house software solutions. Thank you RepairTrax, from an independent business owner since 1986.

Bryan Jackson /

"Screen Geeks" could not exist without RepairTrax !

I just want to commend you on the great software. We've been using it for almost 6 months now.

Screen Geeks could not exist without RepairTrax software. As a phone repair center, we rely heavily on this excellent software to organize customer devices and keep track of what needs to be worked on. The interface is simple, and only contains the features that we need with none of the bloat. The servers are always quick and responsive and RepairTRAX is extremely timely in responding to any questions or concerns.

Screen Geeks, Lufkin, TX

RepairTRAX is a must for ANY repair shop!

We are extremely happy with our relationship we have with RepairTRAX. We looked at tons of programs, and we have not found anything that even compares to what RepairTRAX offers.

The Repairtrax program has saved our store time, money, and overhead. Thank you RepairTRAX for creating a perfect program!!! RepairTRAX is a must for ANY repair shop.

NerdLink / PC Nerds, Bullhead City, AZ

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A "True Value"...

Since we opened, we have been writing our service work orders by hand. We searched around for quite some time looking for a viable program to use, but all we found were programs that would burn a huge hole through our pocket. These programs also weren’t tailored to our needs. When we found RepairTRAX and talked with them, they were willing to work with us to better both their software and our Work Order process. Since we started using the program, it has been a huge time saver and much easier on our Tech’s, Service Associates and most of all, our customers.

Staff at Allendale True Value

Serviced over a thousand computers without a hitch...

We tried several repair tracking systems and never were fully satisfied. Tracking a high volume of computers (and all of their accessories) was crucial to our business needs. We needed something simple, intuitive and efficient for our computer repair shop. We were lucky enough to find RepairTRAX and immediately implemented it. Since switching to RepairTRAX a year ago, we've serviced over a thousand computers without a hitch. I'm happier, my employees are happier, and most importantly -- our clients are happier.

Brandon Thaxton - Owner, Computer Karma

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Only a Few Hours of Training...

I was looking around for a software to track my repairs and customer information. What I like about the RepairTRAX is when my technician update the ticket the customer can get a email or text alert. I also like how user friendly the program is. I was able to teach my team in a few hours. Great program !

Miguel Jarquin of 1RepairCenter

Very Pleased...

We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Repairtrax. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company. RepairTRAX is always willing to add new features to this program, allowing their clients to grow and develop their business. No request has been too big or too small.

June Druchunas - Reeds Jewelers


Repairtrax is awesome, we could't run our shops without it.

Sean Patrick - Owner, Denver / Boulder Mac Repair

This Software - Out of the Box - Did More to Help Us...

We had tried other software that tracked our tickets and were underwhelmed by the lack of response from the programmers. This software - out of the box - did more to help us keep track than we were getting after a full year of working with the other software. We can track the tickets and the customers without having to go through too many steps. RepairTrax are very responsive to any suggestions and the repair shop software is very dynamic, which the other software wasn't. The color coding is an immense help.

Peggy Wiley - Administrator for AZ EZ Tech

It is already saving me enough to pay for itself...

I have looked at a lot of programs and talked to several companies about their software. I have not found anything that even compares to what you offer. I also want to add that every time I have contacted you that it has been a great pleasure, even when I ask a stupid question... Your program is going to save me so much time, aggravation not to mention the money. Thank you for creating such an AWESOME program AND for making it affordable!!! It is already saving me enough to pay for itself.....

Jerry Blakeslee - Owner of Jerry's Service & Repair